Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's the little things that give us hope

Over the last summer life has been stressful to say the least. Basically I spent 6 weeks where Josiah stopped talking at all and only in the last few weeks has he come out of it and started speaking to me normally again. I realize now that hey I do know a thing or too and my approach to everything did work even if it hasn't worked as fast as I would like. At a doctors visit the doctor commented that Josiah had improved a lot since she last saw him and this was down to my parenting and encouragement. So we are onto the next steps in most areas.

Last week was the start of Pre-Primary, a big deal for me as Mum. This means that Josiah will be at school for five full days a week. Honestly after everything that happened I really did not know how he would cope with school. So after taking him to school I forgot his bag and realized I wasn't as organised as I thought hehe. As they sitting down for mat time, the teacher asked him where he would like to sit and he was able to point for the teacher, man did that make me feel better. So I come to pick him up and looked at him through the window, Josiah saw me and instantly started to gesture with large hand motions snap snap (regular fixture in our home) and he pointed wildly to the corner of the room. This made me laugh apparently there is a axolotil in his classroom and he thinks it is totally cool.

So in terms of support for him, the school he attends a private one has a theme this year on care and support. They have set up some programs to help those who are struggling and to give some extra support when needed. They have three staff to work on this area, this is a great relief to me. As well as this I had my first chat with the teacher and we are going to set some things up soon and Josiah might have a similar program to last year where Josiah had some one on one play time with the teacher after class. What is next is the parent interview where most of this will be set up. All this gives me some hope, Josiah is in a good place the teachers are willing to understand and learn (the teacher had already read the information she was given) and there is more support for him this year. I keep praying that 2011 will be the year of progress for Josiah.

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  1. Wonderful! Keep it up, it's totally worth everything you are doing! My daughter (now 12) has successfully come through her SM and is happy and out-going! It will happen!