Thursday, February 17, 2011

The smaller things can be so significant

Well, we are now in February. Things are going along quite nicely it was only 5 weeks ago when Josiah wasn't speaking at all. So school has been going well as far as we can tell. I love it that he comes home with new words and more language each day. We have had a big of a bonus day today I felt quite pleased with my son's progress in so many areas:
  • At the audiologist appointment we attended first of all his hearing is much better from what I can tell. Second of all the audiologist commented that this is the most that he has spoken in any appointment I have been seeing the same audiologist since he was 12mo, he is now 4. He is not speaking to hear per-say but in her presence very much so.
  • Josiah had his fourth speech therapy session today, in which with a lot of gentle prodding from the speech therapist he is talking a lot more. What I have noticed that works is to start off with no pressure to speak obviously, then work with structured activities and it is amazing what happens. I feel that within structure socially he knows what to do this makes him less anxious. He has made so much progress just by speaking full sentences and now mostly at a normal volume.
  • For the first real time I remember he told a full story from beginning to end. He struggles to say what has happened in the day, events and so forth. But at school he come up to me and told me the story about the gingerbread man and what they did.
  • Then in the shops today he even responded to the Cashier in the shop with a full sentence, I nearly passed out I swear!
  • Tonight at dinner he spoke a full sentence to a close friend of mine, this is the first time he has spoken to her and she has known him from when he was born, just amazing.
So at the end of a long day I sit here a very happy Mum, there is always hope and your children are always capable of more than we know and I know that God is answering my prayers one by one!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I have published an on-line magazine called S&L World which is a global bulletin for SLT/SLP. The first edition came out in January and I included an article by Michael Jones who has an expertise in the area of SM. Ive had great feedback about his ideas mnetioned. If you want to download a free copy or email me and I'll send the PDF
    Rgds, Libby

  2. I have emailed Michael on a few occasions about my son and he was very helpful he had some good suggestions for me. I am always interested to read what he writes, thanks for letting me know.