Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first webinar on Selective Mutism

So today after getting posted a sign up sheet from a fellow SM Mum from the yahoo group Selective Mutism Support Group I signed in and have just attended the webinar. I found Dr Chu very interesting and knowledgeable on the subject of Selective Mutism. He gave practical information for all group such as parents, children, therapists and school professionals. What I enjoyed the most was the following:
  1. Information on the hierarchy and how it would work in real life, there is a step ladder approach to dealing with anxiety and he illustrated an example of a child buying icecream how as parents we can accommodate the anxiety in a negative way thus robbing the child of opportunities to learn to master his anxiety.
  2. Practical steps as a parent how to deal with our participation and role in assisting our children the empathize and encourage step was really interesting and simplified we need to first of all empathize show our child that we know they find it hard to ......... but then move onto encouragement where we then progress to saying I know you can do this. And then encouraging them to take the step to overcome.
  3. Great insight on understanding that my child who is 4.5 (I asked a question) and it was explained that I should not expect him to be capable of insight of his critical thinking such as I can't won't etc.... that links to his SM but give him practical ways for him to gain confidence so that these thoughts no longer dominate his thinking. This was very helpful for me.
  4. The idea that if the child escapes from overcoming his anxiety, then he will not be provided a natural opportunity for his body to overcome this anxiety, as the exposure to the anxiety increases so this then lessens the effect on the person. Practical and insightful!
So for my first webinar I actually learnt a lot, it felt like I was this sponge listening to everything they had to say and the questions that were asked. Please feel comfortable to go to the website and download the webinar and listen for yourself check out the questions that are being asked as this will be answered during the week.

Here are the links you will need, the webinar was hosted I know it sounds random but the New Jersey Center for Tourette Sydrome, the webinar link is for Selective Mutism: Coordinated Behavioural Approaches for Therapists, Parents, and Schools. Once on the website you can download the power point slides (which are very helpful) and participate in chat with Dr Chu.

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