Friday, January 28, 2011

Feast or famine

If I didn't keep some perspective I would surely be frustrated. After finding private speech therapy, they were able to get a speech therapist through the public system so I can get some help in a five week block with the current therapist. So we have been seeing one Private Speech Therapist who does normally work within the system. After two sessions with her, Josiah has been able to say a few words to her, which is amazing in itself. Most likely because the therapy has been based on play. But secondly I think this is because Josiah is in a much better space than when he first begun in speech therapy.

In the way of Psychology we saw the Private Psychologist who now has been classified as a Clinical Psychologist. This was mainly because over the summer of desperately waiting for someone to see us we were glad to see someone who might be able to offer some suggestions of what to do. This was great mainly because she does know sign language so Josiah felt particularly safe with her and was able to whisper to me in front of her. This was at the beginning of the month.

After contacting CAMHS regularly to find out whether or not they had booked an appointment for me. I was informed that firstly I was on the wait-list for an appointment (I was told there was none before) and after my third contact (during this contact the receptionist hung up on me) I was then contacted and informed that a Psychologist had been chosen and I would be contacted to arrange an appointment time.

After five weeks after the incident at the Shopping Centre, of experiencing my Son barely being able to speak to his family we finally had an appointment. Then in this appointment, I don't think she realized how traumatic this has been, I was told not be too anxious. Yes it would take time and I know this, which is most distressing for me. I am at the beginning of the treatment process but I have been travelling on this road for 1.5 years already. I believe I am entitled to a little anxiety over my situation.

Apart from this the appointment was quite good, the Psychologist did seem to understand the nature of anxiety, I am not sure about what she may know about Selective Mutism. We will see how things progress in the future. Forgive me if I sound sceptical but the mental wellbeing of my child is very important to me and I believe he still is in a fragile place.

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