Monday, December 27, 2010

Just when you think you are making progress

So after thinking everything was ok after Josiah going missing when we were in Perth, after we had settled back in at home, he suddenly stopped talking to me this was an issue obviously and at first I felt quite rejected and frustrated. I remember one time after Scott come home going into my room and bursting into tears to hear his voice after not hearing him speak for the most part of the day.

What also complicated this further is because we have our father in law staying the once safe place has been compromised which I would imagine would not make it in the slightest bit easier on Josiah. Something for now we can do nothing about until the holiday over, now only in a week's time, which will show us how he really is going.

At first this only effected myself but gradually it extended to others including my partner and his Grandma until there was only one person with whom he would speak, now after we got used to this situation, then he stopped talking to Grandad as well. Since then it has been two weeks since he has talked normally and it is hard living with a silent child.

We tried to get some help but unfortunately our normal psychologist is away for the holidays and the CAMHS are unable to help us into the New Year. So consequently we have been coping with this situation on our own. Mostly we cope ok with moments of fear interlacing with frustration and sometimes anger.

Before all this started we participated in a program called Babyhands where Josiah learnt basic sign language in the hope that he would use it at school when he was unable to speak. This has come into use now and he is able to at least begin to communicate in this way. And he has also started using this with other people who he hasn't spoken to in the past which is great because this in itself is a step forward.

So we are in the waiting game now to get any appointment for help in dealing with this so we don't enable his behaviour. Just hoping something happens soon, or that Josiah will re-emerge as a loud and noisy child he normally is.

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  1. So glad the Baby Hands lessons are helping empower you and Josiah - and helping build his confidence in communicating with other people.