Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some more progress


So recently we got a call from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to go in for an appointment for assessment. We went in chatted to someone, talked about how he is going, what is the problem and so on. He even asked if we can deal with this on our own I am not sure what he was meaning behind that. I responded that we are working blind at this stage just trying whatever works and we need some help. I think I have been so stressed and it come to the meeting and I had got all my stress out the week before. So it was hard to describe to him how hard it has been for us. So apparently they can work at the school. However we need to wait till the New Year for an appointment, I stressed how much we need it to start before the school year.

We also had a speech therapy appointment on the same day. After finding it so hard in these sessions. This recent appointment was amazing. Instead of doing the assessment with her in the room she sat outside listened and got it all recorded on a dictaphone. Which meant Josiah could feel comfortable and then she come in slowly further away and come in closer and closer till she sat down with us. This worked really well.

School work

This Monday just gone we did have some progress. Armed with some new activities from the speech therapist. We worked on story sequencing which was great. Then we did a barrier game, I sat with Josiah and the teacher sat on her side not looking at Josiah. He was able to give instructions with some help with the words and he whispered them to her which was great progress. Think it is the first time he has been able to do this really at all. I felt great that he felt comfortable to do this.

A barrier game you have a picture and each person can not see each other's picture and each person gives instructions to put object that are pictures in different areas of the paper. This helps language skills. Such as next to on, beside and so on. And definatley worked in this situation for Josiah. We will be doing this activity again soon I hope because it worked great!

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