Thursday, October 24, 2013

How clean is your house?

The day was coming we had a rent inspection and I found myself thinking how similar a rent inspection is without the help. It almost feels like the cameras are coming to your doorstop and that they are going to have a white glove on their hand ready to inspect the dust and grime in your house. It's an intimidating experience at the best of times.

It's confession time now, I'm sitting down after my recent inspection exhausted but quite disheartened. Now we didn't do horribly but we got comments like little untidy, cluttered on the report. As a wife and a Mum it's hard to hear. Now I've never been a perfect housecleaner, but when people judge me for it I don't take it too well. But thinking over e last few months its been filled with working 1 and a bit days a week (which has been great)lots of therapy and quite a few trips to go to Perth to see specialists, I'm knackered, then last month we've been really sick. 

It comes down to my values really, now when I think about it, my priority has been my three kids who are full of life and challenges, a husband who works hard for us and with us. The last month I struggled to even do washing or the dishes it was pretty bad, but that was how sick I got. So housework is not the highest of my priorities but it doesn't mean that I don't strive to keep it clean. The issue is just because you have got two kids with special needs does not mean that you don't have to hold your normal responsibilities which is tough some days more than others.

So right now I'm fully disappointed with myself a little but it guts you when you just can't do it all. Frustrating I'm sure you can relate what do you think you neglect because of your caring role?

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