Thursday, January 10, 2013

Doing something fresh

Imagine if you will, heading into a confessional, in my booth is the following admission. It is difficult to keep a house clean, be a Mum to three kids two with special needs and one baby. Stay married and have time to sleep. In the past I have done flylady and I really enjoy doing that because there are a lot of things I can take on board and to be honest I always need to learn more. So... for something new I am taking a look at a blog I have been reading and doing the 20 day challenge. Why don't you join me for something fun?! So I will post a little on facebook and maybe on here about my journey but if you click on the following link it will get you started:

This is the link to the page that starts off on the pre challenge tasks 5 of them in fact before the 20 day challenge!

Organised Housewife - Pre challenge task 1

So join me if your brave enough!!! If you have a blog why not grab the code to add her logo to her page as well?

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