Monday, November 1, 2010

Resilience without communication?

Something recently illustrated one of my greatest fears, is that when my son is in trouble he is not able to speak out and get help. So last week or the week before there was an incident where he was shaken by the collar, enough for him to be in fear. Another child called for help for Josiah and it was dealt with fast.

We had a discussion, firstly on the issue of sharing. Just because someone wants something does not mean that you have to give it to that person. You are allowed to play with a toy but it is important to share with others especially if you have had a turn on the toy. That he can go to others for help or simply going closer to the teacher will help him be safer.

Resilience is a quality we want our children to possess. Part of this is the ability to communicate in some form or another. Asking for help is a quality needed to survive in our world, and it does bother me that Josiah is not able to do this at this stage. But we are hoping that in the future he will feel more comfortable.

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