Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Child Won't Talk

Recently in Australia on ABC they had a documentary. It was really good for me, seeing the struggles that the families had with SM and how they responded. It also included great examples of the therapy that was used and how they implemented it to get the children to talk in different environments.

It was really challenging to thinking about the long term because it isn't something that is over with over night. The therapist they referred to wrote the book I have read called the Selective Mutism Resource Manual which is a fantastic resource, her name is Maggie Johnson I believe.


  1. I found it online last night and watched it! It was both encouraging and heart wrenching. What really impacted me is the importance of addressing it as early as possible, but also with a great degree of care and patience. You definitely have your work cut out for you Kerry, and I pray the Lord brings people alongside you to aide you in your journey with Josiah.

  2. That is the biggest issue is finding the right people to help and having the money to pay people. Still trying to work this one out:).