Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The long awaited appointment with the Paeditrician

We had waited for an appointment with the paediatrician to make sure all is well with Josiah. The waitlist was 3-4 months which was quite a while. This was definitely a disappointing experience. I am not sure what I expected but I had hoped there was a key that we could access for further help or some actual experience with what we were dealing with.

The paediatrician himself was fantastic very nice and gave Josiah the opportunity to warm up before he started talking to him. He was able to test him for his IQ and as we had expected he is average. The concern is that he may have some issues with learning that he is coping with very well that we have not been able to see as yet. Most likely not the case but it needs to be checked regardless.

So he agreed with the diagnosis of the psychologist. That is the gist of the whole meeting. We were told that we would most likely be the experts with selective mutism as it is so rare. This was quite disappointing for me and I think I burst into tears at one point. Mainly because we have been working so hard to help him and the journey has only just begun. It is incredibly hard to imagine we have so far to go before he gets to the point where he doesn't experience fear in regards to speaking anymore.

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  1. I am sorry the paed. wasn't much help Kerry. Again, I know our's is a different journey, but I can relate to that disappointment in the lack of assistance/knowledge. I have had to learn to research, experiment and ultimately trust my intuition and God's leading. It can be a lonely journey and there are times when I just wish I had a professional to back me up and let me know Iam on the right track with how to help my child. But the good side is that I am learning to be assertive and pro-active. So... you go girl!! Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.