Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We just couldn't put our finger on it

For some time now we have always known that my son had struggled to talk. It bothered us a little because he couldn't even talk to some of his relatives Aunts and Uncles. However we couldn't put our finger on it. It seemed like when he was spoken to he would freeze up, go completely motionless in his face and then stay silent.

We did all we knew what to do, he had regular hearing tests as a young child, from 12 months on. When he was two and a half he had an operation putting in grommets and taking out his adenoids and tonsils. We had hoped it would get better because we were suspicious that his talking might have something to do with his hearing.

After a few months he did sound clearer and was finding it easier to talk but his shyness didn't go away. I think he may have got progressively worse. He got referred for an assessment on his speech, but when it come time for the appointment. He couldn't talk, he couldn't even point to the pictures. The speech pathologist would leave the room and he would talk again, and the only way she could assess him was by watching me play with him.

He was now 3.5 years old and it was time to start school. We knew it would be interesting. But we knew it would be good for him too.

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