Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First appointment

The first appointment was quite lengthy. Looking at everything from crawling, walking and that. To how he presents when he can't talk what happens and what his body language is. It is hard to think of how it works, when you are used to the behaviour. So I am going to take a little more notice now.

So she said fairly quickly that it sounds like he does has selective mutism. One thing I do notice she sometimes refers to it by its old name elective mutism. Her experience sounds like she has the right kind of experience even if she hasn't dealt with it before. Dealing with quite a few children who don't talk.

So the strategy is going to be social storying, which I am surprised I haven't heard of before. Basically little books describing social situations. What I am hoping if he knows what to say, it will help alleviate the anxiety. It's going to be an interesting journey that is for sure.

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