Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I will

In the pressure of the chaotic moments of homework, cooking tea, getting ready for school in the morning and running backwards and forwards to therapy appointments. It can feel so crazy and busy. I took the time to listen to a song again that I heard on Packed to the Rafters, in a moment where the daughter was accepting her Dad's impending diagnosis of Dementia and the implications and changes that it was going to bring into their lives.

While watching this moment, I thought of the way it correlates to my life. The moment of realisation and surrender and acceptance, in diagnosis and the process it entails. The moments were you see the struggle in your child's eyes. The proud feeling as you know they are trying their hardest to succeed. The despair when you are dealing with less than desirable behaviour. Realising that sometimes your child has to conquer things that you never thought that they would have to face. The moment where you get a hug, or they hold your hand or they talk to you or want to spend time with you. Our children are precious. Things may change but some things stay the same, I have thought of a few things that I feel in this moment

I will fight for you to have the best opportunities in life
I will try to understand you, to know you and to communicate well with you
I will show my love for you in many ways
I will tell you as often as I can how proud I am of you
I will recognise your strengths and weaknesses and champion you on towards your goals
I will celebrate with you and I will cry with you
I will let you have a go, push you, empower you and sometimes makes things a little tough so you can grow
I will do everything I can so that others can see the potential that I see in you, it's immeasurable. 

Most of all I won't give on you, I will continue to act, move and be the Parent that you need me to be so you can be all you can be. 

Short but sweet, I have been overwhelmed by this song and how it made me feel encouraged NEVER to give up.  I feel tired, exhausted and brain frazzled some days. But oh it is worth it for my kids and it is worth it for your children too.

Be encouraged to keep going and keep laughing and loving. What you are sowing in deeds may not be realised immediately but one day yes one day it will bear fruit! As I write this I am nearly in tears, I am once again filled with purpose. What I am doing is worth the heartache, the blood, sweat and tears. 

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  1. *hugs* I wish you all the strengths you desire. Life can be harsh, I know, but it's amazing - like you say - how our fights and efforts today can bear juicy fruits tomorrow.