Monday, April 30, 2012

Help me to speak a documentary

Just recently someone kindly uploaded this documentary and I am keen to share it. There are four parts to the documentary. Some commentary on what the voice over artist says about their "rules. From my perspective though it may seem it is the child who makes the rules, my thought is the child is not in charge the anxiety controls the child so how can they make the rules. I believe it is not a conscious decision rather a response in a flight or fight or freeze situation made in a stressful situation which then sets a precedent for the future interactions. It is important to note that any child suffering with Selective Mutism is not in charge of their emotions nor can they control their anxiety. Just like an adult who struggles how can a child be stronger than a adult? Hardly a good expectation.

This part introduces the families and the children who suffer with Selective Mutism Madeline and Robert. Selective Mutism is explained and discussed, the parents discuss how it effects their life and their children. They follow the children over a year as they work to deal with the issue of Selective Mutism. 

The documentary takes us through two vastly different approaches to treating Selective Mutism. For Robert because he has had no success in the past and has hit a dead end the parents have decided it is time to go down the route of trying medication. For Madeleine the choice of treatment is more along the techniques described in Maggie Johnson's book the Selective Mutism Resource Manual.

Robert pursues the treatment plan of trying Prozac as the treatment option. We follow him as he meets with the psychiatrist. Madeline gets a visit from Maggie Johnson who demonstrates the sliding in technique to Madeline's mother and at home. They then resume the program at the school.

We follow their successes with the different plans. Each has it's own merit and it's own purpose. Both can be used and each child should have a plan designed for him and her. 


  1. Hi its Nic from the fabeook group :-) Im doing so much reasearch lately to arm myself for the sliding in with the teacher. Really enjoyed watching this doco, though slightly jealous they had maggie johnson home visit!!! how cool. So do you think the whispering starts by itself ie. the childs idea, after the sliding in sessions, or do you think its encouraged??

  2. Hi Nic
    every child is different but often whispering can be the first step. Yes Maggie is amazing I am slightly jealous too!