Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The miracle of speech

To our surprise things are changing for the better. It makes me cry thinking about it, for the first time ever he has been able to talk at school without us. He has been attending school for 1.5 years and never spoken a word without us being there. About a month ago the other students started commenting Josiah talked, he talked most with such shock and pure joy. This started with reports of him making noises such as roaring and other noises. It began with Josiah looking like he wanted to use his voice at school and this has progressed through the scale.

Slowly but surely information is starting to trickle back to us about who and what is happening. Just as expected he is taking the steps in the Social Communication Scale and following them well. In the matter of a month he has progressed through the scale straight through to level 3 and even initiating communication with the other students. For now I wait holding my breath just watching in amazement at the miracles that I am beholding, thankful and grateful for the simple blessing of speech. Now I can only pray that this all continues:) enjoying the progress and looking to the future, this is only the beginning of progress.

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