Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Australian Government's New Mental Health Care Plan (Particular relevance for Australians)

For those of you who have not received psychology through the Medicare funds. This is how it works after seeing the doctor they draw up a mental health care plan for your child (or yourself) and then you are able to choose a psychologist to put on your plan. From here you can access firstly 6 appointments then 12 and 18 if you need it. This is the source of all our therapy for psychology without this we would be literally STUFFED!

The issue is the following to fund their supposed Mental Health Care Plan they are removing funding for this and the doctors appointments to work out these plans. The plan is the following to take the appointments down to 6 as standard and then 10 after a review this means they are cutting 8 appointments. I am wondering if this does effect the other services such as referrals to Medicare funded Occupational Therapy.

So in response to this I am contacting every possible Member of Parliament I can think of trying to get in contact with my local member. You can do the same. Also please check out this petition and sign this for me, it would make a world of a difference for me. Without this therapy we can't afford help for my son and then we would be on our own. Please help this Mum out:)

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